Watercolor Illustrations creates a beautiful imagery that takes you back to your childhood.  The bleeding effect and the unique brushstrokes bring out an enchanting imagery.  Most people first contact with watercolor is during their childhood.  Often times it’s the first experience with painting.   Watercolor illustrations are not only present in children books, but are used in commercial prints and fashion art.  Taia Morley, one of children book artists, create lovely imagery using watercolor techniques.   She uses it to express her trip last summer to Italy in her watercolor illustrations of Italy.  Today, watercolor effect can be created digitally and have the same “bleeding” effect.  Here a few examples of watercolor illustrations.


Taia Morley - Fresh Roses Watercolor Illustration Children Book

Taia Morley – Fresh Roses

Taia Morley - Milan Watercolor Illustration

Taia Morley – Milan

Chris Musselman Firefly Watercolor Illustration

Chris Musselman Firefly

Mona Daly Fashion Watercolor Illustration Headshot

Mona Daly Fashion Headshot


Taia Morley Colorful Pup

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