Art Deco Illustrations | Das Grup

The eclectic style of Art Deco reminds us of a time of luxury and glamor.  Popularized in the 1930s, Art Deco features geometric shapes and bold colors.  A few of our Das Grup artists take a contemporary spin on Deco to highlight the lavish experience that it brings.

Robert Rodriguez - Tale of the Cocktail Poster

Studio 24/7 – Tales of the Cocktail Poster

Chris Musselman - Miami Skyline Art Deco

Chris Musselman – Miami Deco


Orlando Aroceno – Auto Show

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Late Nights and Dr. Pepper: The Art of Robert Rodriguez

Join us for the opening reception of Late Nights and Dr. Pepper:  The Art of Robert Rodriguez this November.  The retrospective, that compiles four decades worth of commercial artwork, will be held at Laguna College of Art & Design

Robert Rodriguez innate design and painting skills attracts work from all spectrums of business including movie and Broadway posters, major advertising campaigns, book and magazine covers, and food and toy packaging.  The numerous awards and accolades Robert has received over the years, surely make him one of the nation’s most captivating illustrators.

Robert Rodriguez Late Nights Dr Pepper Poster


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