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The eclectic style of Art Deco reminds us of a time of luxury and glamor.  Popularized in the 1930s, Art Deco features geometric shapes and bold colors.  A few of our Das Grup artists take a contemporary spin on Deco to highlight the lavish experience that it brings.

Robert Rodriguez - Tale of the Cocktail Poster

Studio 24/7 – Tales of the Cocktail Poster

Chris Musselman - Miami Skyline Art Deco

Chris Musselman – Miami Deco


Orlando Aroceno – Auto Show

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Taia Morley Colorful Dog

Taia Morley illustrates a lovely story of a puppy who’s magical journey takes him to a world of wonder.  Taia Morley creates beautiful imagery as a children book illustrator.

Taia Morley Colorful Pup Children Book Das Grup

Puppy says hello to a green caterpillar.

Taia Morley Colorful Pup 3 Children Book Das GrupA blue bird sings a song to the colorful puppy.

Taia Morley Colorful Pup 4 Children Book Das Grup

The storm comes and washes away the colors of the puppy.

Taia Morley - Colorful Dog

Here’s an earlier concept for the puppy.

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The Moments You Were Born Gets Fantastic Reviews!

Shelly’s most recent illustration work has been receiving great reviews from both authors and Kid Lit bloggers alike!  The Moment You Were Born is a beautiful love poem to be read by parents to their baby during the neonatal experience to encourage bonding and connection.  According to blogger Patricia Tilton of Children’s Books Heal, “Shelly Hehenberger’s richly textured illustrations are breathtaking, soothing and diverse.  They are created digitally using hand-painted textures and overlays. Children of all races and cultures will see themselves in her delightful artwork.”

This book will help you to share the many precious and intense moments of the NICU experience.

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Calling All Chocolate Lovers!

Mascots are ageless brand representatives that help a target audience develop a closer relationship with a product. Ray Goudey is an expert at creating mascots that are both charming and adorable.  The generic online pharmacy Nestle Turtle character is a revitalized character decked out in a suit- complete with top hat, bow tie and monocle!  Not bad for a 66 year old!


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Explore Hawaii’s underwater world without ever getting wet!

Hawaiian Ocean Lullaby written by Beth Greenway and beautifully illustrated by Jamie Meckel Tablason takes your child on a tropical journey to dreamland.  Jamie’s illustrations truly capture the amazing and diverse ecosystem of the islands while teaching your child to count.  Take a peek inside the book….

Hawaiian Ocean Lullaby artwork by Jamie Tablason | Mother and child on a boat in the ocean Turtles swimming | Hawaiian Ocean Lullaby artwork by Jamie Tablason

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