Fabulous Me Campaign – Artwork by Terence Gaylor

In an effort to keep individuals educated on common childhood illnesses (i.e. food allergies) and discover how to stay healthy, Das Grüp Illustrator Terence Gaylor partnered with author Tolya Thompson to create two new health based picture books for A Smarties Book™ series.

The books entitled,  Fabulous Me, Piper Lee And The Peanut Butter Itch and Fabulous Me, Piper Lee Asthma Is Not Stopping Me, are an excellent findviagra.com resource for children and adults. They are filled with rhyming language, bright and expressive illustrations that capture the reader’s attention and successfully deliver the health and wellness message.

Please check out the teaser pages for each book below and click here to get more information on these fabulous books!

Piper Lee Ashtma is not Stopping me Terence Gaylor Piper Lee Ashtma We love pets Illustration Terence Gaylor Piper Lee Ashtma Peanut Butter Itch Illustration Terence Gaylor Children Allergy Book Illustration by Terence Gaylor

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Travel Posters to Inspire Your Next Adventure

Travel posters created by Christian Musselman will leave you longing for days of adventure and leaving your daily routine far behind. His work features beautiful illustrations of the far east; both Morocco and China. Here the viewer gets a glimpse through a window into another life and culture!



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Highlights High Five Features Taia Morley’s work

The March 2015 issue of Highlights High Five magazine features Taia Morley’s newest work. Highlights Magazine has been in publication since 1946 and has been on Taia’s bucket list of dream assignments. The piece illustrates the poem titled “Ask the Wind” by Cynthia Porter. The art was composed in Photoshop using a variety of scanning and compositing techniques.Highlights


Famous Marketing Mascots

A successful branding campaign shows that you understand the needs & wants of your customers.  One way to ensure this is to create a character that will reside within their hearts and minds for years to come.  You can read more about the importance of building an Icon on Best Marketing Degrees website.

Over the years, Das Grüp artist’s have illustrated some of the best known icons in advertising; including the Kool-Aid Man, Pillsbury Doughboy, Barbie, and the Keebler Elves to name a few!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.07.21 AM