Hot Wheels have become perennial favorite of the young and old, car collector to car curious. From every Batmobile to random cars that have become part of our shared collective, they are often a tiny reminder of something special in all our lives.

It’s not surprising that they have become quite collectible, with the rarest rocketing into the six figure sums in value today, just 50 years after it was produced.

It’s also not surprising that when Hot Wheels sets out to produce a limited run that much of the effort is placed into the packaging and imagery it contains as it will likely stay with the most highly coveted units for many many years to come.

Given his many years of experience in creating timeless illustrations it was no surprise that our own Ray Goudey would be given the honor of creating that imagery for a limited run celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Camaro.

And while they are all sold out and likely to increase in value rapidly over the years to come, the talent that brought it to life can be brought to your next project as well, just let us know how we can bring your next idea, product or dream to reality and beyond for years to come.

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