What is an Artists Representative, Illustrator Rep, or an Illustration agency?

We work as agents for our artists. We handle marketing and other business matters for designers, illustrators, and photographers.

Why do I need an Artists Rep?

An art representatives handles the everyday tedious yet important tasks. This allows you time to create your next masterpiece and focus on the art. Most large companies love dealing with agents, because we handle the billing and contracts (e.g invoices, 1099, estimates, NDA forms, etc) in a timely, professional manner. Instead of dealing with 20 or so individual artists, they only need to deal with one. If it’s a company we have been working with years, we know how to bill and have the artist get paid in a timely manner.  We, also, handle the marketing aspect of our artists.  We send out samples to potential clients and be the artist’s voice.  We love to promote our talented artists’ work.  Art is not appreciated unless it’s seen.

We like to think we are the cheerleader and moms for our artists. =D

Dave Titus Panda Bear Illustration


What is vector illustrations?

Vector Graphics is based on vector, using points and lines to create an image. Traditionally, images are created with pixels and often times pixels can not be expanded to a high-resolution setting. For example, it’s like watching 80’s TV shows on a HDTV. Vector allows images to be blown-up and utilized in any form without the loss of quality.
A few of our artists are skilled in vector. If you have a need for vector art, ask us, we are more than happy to assist.

What is a commercial art?
Commercial art is well commercial art. Any art form (film, photography, illustration, painting) that is used for commercial purposes. Mainly it refers advertising, but any art that a company buys to sell their product is commercial art.

What is consumed packaged goods (CPG)?

When you walk into a market, every item that is packaged food is considered a CPG.  From cereal to snacks to ice cream to juice, they are all considered consumed packaged goods.  We represent one of the top CPG photographers in the business, Mike Wepplo.

What is Das Grup?

Das Grup started over 20 years ago.  A group of artists got together to start “the group”:  Das Grüp.  Das Grüp is not German or Dutch,  it’s just a cool sounding word.  Instead of calling ourselves the group, it sounded better saying “Das Grup.”  There was a long discussion to decide on the name and after hours of debating and frustration, we landed on Das Grüp.  Sorry there isn’t a cooler story for the name.

What do we do?

Our artist are very talented and can work in any style, budget, and timeline.  If you have a need, we can provide our services.   To be more specific, our illustrators have published children books, created logos for various companies, illustrated various company mascots, illustrate for various toy companies and help design thousands of packaging goods.

Can I join Das Grup?

We are always looking for talented artists!  Currently, we are only seeking U.S / Canadian artists.  This may change soon, we will let you know.

Pam-wall-Illustration 50s Girl
If you have any other questions you need answering, you can always contact us by going to our Contact Page.