Vertex Award Winner

In an aisle full of large clear bottles all filled with the same clear liquid, how do you stand out? With quality, cost, convenience and imagery.

With thousands of locations all around the world and the desire to create the the best tasting, most pure water at the best price, 7 Select only needed the imagery to set them apart.

When every project gets the hard work, skill and dedication it deserves, great things happen. And we couldn’t be happier than winning a 2017 Vertex award for our design and packaging work on Pure Water and what the future holds for our next great collaboration, could that be you?

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American Graphic Design Awards (Packaging) 2013

We are very proud of our fellow illustrators and their amazing work. Recently, two of our artists were awarded for their illustration for the American Graphic Design Awards 2013. Our illustrators worked with the wonderful designers at Mattel and created some lovely packaging designs.