Mattel Candy Striper Car Illustration

Ray Goudey has been illustrating cars for 15+ years. He loves the process of bringing each and every car to life. The Candy Striper featured was a special nod towards Big Daddy Ed Roth (custom car designer and builder who created the hot rod icon Rat Fink) and the 60’s gasser style.

©Mattel / Art Direction by Julian Koiles


Vertex Award Winner

In an aisle full of large clear bottles all filled with the same clear liquid, how do you stand out? With quality, cost, convenience and imagery.

With thousands of locations all around the world and the desire to create the the best tasting, most pure water at the best price, 7 Select only needed the imagery to set them apart.

When every project gets the hard work, skill and dedication it deserves, great things happen. And we couldn’t be happier than winning a 2017 Vertex award for our design and packaging work on Pure Water and what the future holds for our next great collaboration, could that be you?

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Package Design Magazine – Mike Wepplo

Way back in 2009 Mike Wepplo and Carrie Perlow were interviewed by Package Design Magazine on the changing landscape of digital photography, his roots as a painter and what the future would hold for packaging and design.

An excerpt from Package Design Magazine – October 2009 – For the full article please visit Package Design Magazine

You may have never heard of this artist, but you see his work on package after package on shelf-luscious fruits on jellies and jams, frosty ice cream frozen novelties, yogurts, cheeses, cereals, bars, chocolates, candy, cookies, and crackers-not to mention pet and cartoon characters. You might not know the Mike Wepplo name, but you have most likely seen many of his works, and his name and number are well known to America’s top package design firms and CPG companies.

Wepplo’s work supports numerous national brands, store brands, and private labels across the country. As a Southern California artist trained professionally at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Wepplo brings his skills as illustration designer, visualizer, and colorist to every design project. His studio specializes in ultra-real illustrations that create optimum appetite appeal on food and beverage packages. Wepplo was kind enough to sit down with Package Design Magazine to share his insights into the trends in illustration today.

PDM: How has your job has changed in the last decade or so?
Wepplo: Obviously, my job has changed dramatically over the course of the last 12 years. I was trained as a hand painter, using a brush for most of my work. Because I was one of the first to illustrate directly on a computer, I got a head start in this field. Though many consumer product goods companies were resistant to it at first, once they got used to it they never looked back.

PDM: What makes digital photo-real illustration so attractive today?
Wepplo: CPG companies are ultimately attracted to cost savings and timesavings. If they can have same-day results and fast on-the-fly changes, they see the bottom line advantages. The reason my services are in demand is that clients come to me looking for a photo-real illustration of something that they simply can’t take a picture of and get the same ultra-real results.

Fabulous Me Campaign – Artwork by Terence Gaylor

In an effort to keep individuals educated on common childhood illnesses (i.e. food allergies) and discover how to stay healthy, Das Grüp Illustrator Terence Gaylor partnered with author Tolya Thompson to create two new health based picture books for A Smarties Book™ series.

The books entitled,  Fabulous Me, Piper Lee And The Peanut Butter Itch and Fabulous Me, Piper Lee Asthma Is Not Stopping Me, are an excellent resource for children and adults. They are filled with rhyming language, bright and expressive illustrations that capture the reader’s attention and successfully deliver the health and wellness message.

Please check out the teaser pages for each book below and click here to get more information on these fabulous books!

Piper Lee Ashtma is not Stopping me Terence Gaylor Piper Lee Ashtma We love pets Illustration Terence Gaylor Piper Lee Ashtma Peanut Butter Itch Illustration Terence Gaylor Children Allergy Book Illustration by Terence Gaylor

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Greg Winters, Mega Man

Collectors are collectors and for true video gamer aficionados there is few things better than A: sealed game and B: original game art.

Started on the Nintendo Age forums and quickly picked up by several other publications, one user shows off his collection of original game art from the 90’s classic Mega-Man, specifically Mega Man 3, Mega Man 6, Mega Man V, and Mega Man X.

None other than our own Greg Winters put brush to canvas to create these pieces, which were used across original marketing, media and ultimately products themselves.

While they may be less desirable than some of the classic paintings today, these are the things that travel in time and form memories that become increasingly valuable. With the quality being extremely high, it’s only a matter of time until paintings like this hit 7, yes 7, figures and more.

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A Gift to Pope Francis!

Upon his September 2015 visit to the United States, Pope Francis canonized an 18th century California Missionary.  The occasion was commemorated with a gift from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to the Pope.  Das Grüp artists, Greg Winters and Pamela Wall were commissioned to help create Saints of God Come to Our Aid. We were honored to be a part of the celebration!

You can view the presentation of the painting at 10:30.


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Guest Lecturer Jui Ishida!

Jui Ishida was recently invited to be a guest speaker at California State University- Long Beach.  The Visiting Artist Lecture Series offers a rich and diverse group of lectures by some of the most compelling artists and leaders in the field of art today.  Jui spoke about her 20+ years as a professional artist; relaying the tale of how her career began to the highlights of her current work.

Her unique style can be seen on such well-known books as Dr. Wayne Dyer’s The Power of Intention and National Geographic Kids  Animal Stories.   Jui was thrilled to share her love and passion for the visual arts!

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Travel Posters to Inspire Your Next Adventure

Travel posters created by Christian Musselman will leave you longing for days of adventure and leaving your daily routine far behind. His work features beautiful illustrations of the far east; both Morocco and China. Here the viewer gets a glimpse through a window into another life and culture!



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